Pharmaceuticals Biologics Diagnostics

We design communications that 
strategically deliver your data
across today’s media to audiences of every kind.

Kay Square Scientific

Delivering high-quality, strategic scientific and medical communications across audiences, across channels, across the industry.


We are your strategic partner and tactical experts at every opportunity.

In-depth Industry Knowledge

KSS delivers a breadth of experience across therapeutic-areas; publication types; communication styles and media; industry audiences; and life-cycle stages.

Ethical Standards & Practice

KSS lives by industry standards and best practices, such as: GPP guidelines, ICMJE recommendations, OPDP and APLB standards, and Sunshine Act requirements.

Proactive Thinking & Innovation

KSS is based in tradition and sparked by innovation: What’s now? What’s new? What’s next? Traditional, but innovative by design; non-traditional, but proven by experience.

Dedication to the Highest Standard of Quality

KSS is dedicated to accuracy, comprehensiveness, timeliness, and compliance.
Quality first. Quality lasts.

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